Anniversary and Rainbow Festival Issue 2018

Aug 23, 2018

607 Anniversary and Rainbow Festival Issue 2018

Singer, actor, dancer, director, drag queen, choreographer, songwriter Todrick Hall will be performing at Rainbow Festival, and Outword Magazine celebrates its 23rd birthday! How much more fun can we have, and it still be legal?

Sacramento’s Rainbow Festival turns 31 this year and they are pulling out all the stops. Be sure to head into Lavender Heights this Labor Day weekend for drag queens, great music, Todrick Hall, Ada Vox, Dev and more. Coverage starts on page 16 and goes through 19.

This issue was an interesting one for us to put together, being that it was both our anniversary issue, but also our first issue without Charlie. We still have a great team, and we hope you like the finished product, but boy did we miss Charlie’s input!

So take a look. There are pictures of events, awards, upcoming voter stimulation events and even a movie about saving the whales. Not to mention that Chris Narloch has gone above and beyond with his contributions as well as having our favorite Cave Grrl back in the pages.

Summer might be headed to its end soon, but there are still lots of great things to do and see in our little all-grown-up town. Pick up this issue, or view it online, to see what we are going on, and on, about!