Our Last Issue of the Year is Out Now!

Dec 27, 2018

What could be better in the deep of Winter than a good ‘ol superhero movie? “Aquaman” to the rescue! Check out what Chris Narloch has to say about it and another hero movie, both of them are in theaters now.

Besides movie stuff, movie soundtracks and great live productions, you’ll also find some fun and interesting articles about surviving the holidays, singers in SF, a queer cruise with Kesha, artsy events at local museums an two pages of Out and About pics from super fun events that happened just a little bit ago.

(Oh yeah, and SO much more!)

This might be our last issue… of the year, but we are already gearing up for our first-ever issue… of 2019. That issue will be our Health and Body issue and as always, is aimed at getting your new year started off on a good foot, or two.

Till then though, sit back, relax, pick up an “Outword,” or read us on your phone, online, all for free.

Have a Wonderful New Year’s and be safe. See you next year!