The Romance Issue, The Sequel, is Out Now!

Feb 14, 2019

Love is in the Air.

And that means our annual Romance and Weddings issue is on the streets now with a wonderful, sweet, romantic cover image by local photographer, Nate Feldman. Thank you Nate, as well as Tim and Zach for letting us use your photograph, and we wish you all the very best.

Beyond the beautiful cover image is 32 pages of fun stuff, like: “Save the Date for Davis Pride,” “Mix and Mingle,” The Dinah, Ms. Handsome as well as “Out and About with Matt.” Of course, Mr. Narloch has provided titillating stories such as information about the upcoming Oscars, Tiffany Haddish, Katya Smirnoff-Skyy, Diane Keaton, Betty Who and Robyn.

You know that is not all that this issue has to offer, so grab yourself a paper copy, or read it on an electronic device in the comfort of your home. (Please NO reading Outword and driving!)

Enjoy this issue and be sure to mark your calendar for our upcoming LGBT Wedding Expo. It will be our seventh such event and will be held on Sunday, March 10 at the Hyatt. (It’s FREE to attend, and if you want a booth there are still a few available, however, contact us as soon as you can!)