Our Annual Homes and Gardens 2019 Special Edition is Out Now!

Apr 11, 2019

This special issue has traditionally been one of our favorite issues, both for us to produce and for our readers to read. We try to fill it with fun, but informational, articles about things you can do, buy or try in and around your home. This year’s Homes and Gardens issue has all that, and more!

Some highlights to look for are: “Personal Growth from a Garden,” “Plant a Spice Cabinet Garden,” “Farm Fresh to You” and “A Whole New Way to Dry Off.” Along with the Rose Show Exhibit, Walk a Mile 2019, Voices of Change, “Queer Voices,” great artists, plays, musicians and even Aretha Franklin in “Amazing Grace.”

Also, don’t forget that May 2 is the “Big Day of Giving” and there will be a very special Drag Queen Bingo happening on that night. They will be featuring, for the first time ever, VIP passes with reserved seating, a souvenir t-shirt and even your bingo cards will be part of the package. Not to mention that there will be very, special guest stars joining the resident hostess, Ms. DoMe Moore, to help make the evening fun and exciting, and maybe a little bit raunchy..? Check out the ad on page 28 – and don’t wait too long to buy your VIP passes, they are limited and going fast!

See? Homes and Gardens can be fun. Check it out and experience it for yourself.