Outword’s June 13, 2019 Issue is Out Now!

Jun 13, 2019

Happy Pride Month!

This month is proving to be interesting, to say the least. But there are so many things to do and see that one need not settle on only participating in just a single event. San Francisco pride is coming up June 29-30, San Diego Pride will happen in the middle of July and even Natomas is having its first ever “Big Gay Celebration!” on June 23.

On this issue’s cover, we are very pleased to have Ty Herndon return, but for a different reason than last time. This time it’s because he has gone back into the studio and reworked his first blockbuster hit with a new twist. Check out the story and check out the re-release.

Elsewhere in the issue you will find: more Pride stuff, “Drones to Light up the Sky…”, McBride scholarship winners, “Stand Up for Unity…” and, of course, “Out and About with Matt.”

Entertainment Chris brings us Film Festival Fever, “Shrek” at Music Circus and four new Blu-rays for Pride. We have also thrown in a Bedrock Wine Company write-up and some BBQ tips for good measure.

So, enjoy Pride month. Celebrate what it is, what it means and where we have come from, but most of all enjoy! And we hope you will grab a copy of Outword and enjoy that too.