Outword’s Annual Wheels and Tech issue is Out!

Jul 11, 2019

Come, Meet Your Gladiator.

Unfortunately, that does not mean you will get to meet Russell Crowe… but you could be introduced to Jeep’s all new Gladiator truck, yes, a pickup truck from Jeep! You can read all about this amazing, and capable, new truck on page 10.

But wait! There’s more.

We’ve got a ten-year old Love Lab, reflections of Corporate Pride, the new Castro District and “Out & About with Matt.” Our very own Audiodork checks in with a look at how his xmas wish list panned out six months later and we look at what’s better, screw cap or cork, we also celebrate Meerkat Day and take a look at what some of the local museums are exhibiting.

Chris Narloch brings us a look at the new Spiderman movie and the old “Star Wars.” Then he gives us a whole page of great musical things to see, buy and listen to – page 18. Chris also sits down with Bruce Vilanch and talks about life and “The Drowsy Chaperone.”

Of course, there’s more, but you will need to pick up a copy today, or look it over online. We hope you enjoy this Wheels and Tech issue, and you are having a great summer. (But, just think how much more fun it would be driving around California in a fully convertible Jeep…!)

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