The October 10 Issue of Outword is Out Now!

Oct 10, 2019

Boas and Bow Ties!

There are few things as fun as looking at great pictures of you and your friends, Nate Feldman has provided just that, some really wonderful shots from this year’s Rainbow Chamber of Commerce’s Boas and Bow Ties Gala fundraiser. Check out the two full pages of pictures starting on page 24! (And thanks to our cover models, Richard and Kenny!)

As we mention on the cover, inside this issue you will also find out about Mattel’s new gender-neutral Barbie, a coat drive at the film festival, a Pooch Parade, “Evil Dead, the Musical’ and J. Lo and the Joker are on the big screen. (Not together).

But wait, there’s more! Well, of course there’s more, but that just makes it sound so dramatic. So get out of the house, throw on a sweater – maybe, and go pick up a copy of the latest, greatest Outword Magazine or click your way to it from our main web site.

Please enjoy the read.