Outword’s Holiday Shopping #2 is Out Now!

Dec 12, 2019

One of our biggest issues of the year just has to take up two publications, and here is the second! In this issue you will find that Mikey Rox helped us out with some great gift ideas that are sure to please and not be a typical mall find. Check out his suggestions starting on page 24.

Throughout the rest of the magazine you will find CD and DVD reviews as well as some live shows that tickets to would make great stocking stuffers. Cirque du Soleil is returning to Sacramento with their show, Amaluna, in late January, and wouldn’t your honey love to get a pair of tickets to see such a stunning spectacle? There are also a couple of books that might find their way under the tree for that special someone, and when they are finished reading it, you can borrow it and take a turn.

Yes, yes, yes. This is the part where I say, “But wait! There’s more!” However, it is actually true, and it won’t cost you three easy payments of $89.97! So pick up your paper copy or cruise over to our site and check it out in digital.

We hope this issue, and the last one, had some helpful tips that will make your holiday shopping just a little bit easier. After all, the holidays are for enjoying, right?