The March 23 Issue is Out Now! – Oh the Horror!

Mar 24, 2022

A Horror Movie On The Cover…

With Oscar season winding down, it seemed like the perfect time to pivot from high-brow movies to low-brow, and the brow doesn’t get much lower than “X,” the crazy horror flick that graces our cover this issue.

You don’t have to go to the drive-in to see a trashy B-movie. Ti West’s wild new slasher film, about the cast and crew of a ‘70s DIY porno shoot in rural Texas who come to a bad end, is playing in wide release at local multiplexes. Check out Chris Narloch’s review of ‘X’ and two other new movies on page 14.

However, if you don’t jump directly to page 14, you will come across some great articles on the way: Davis Pride announces its headliners, Project Nunway raised some money, the Doggy Dash is On again and Out and About with Matt Burlingame.

Horror movies are not the only scintillating entertainment happening in the issue either. We’ve got a fun book review, a music contest you can enter, divas singing in San Francisco, a great new Blu-ray, a free symphony concert, and even a nod to the upcoming Grammy Awards show. Also, don’t miss Dan Savage’s “HUMP!” Film Festival info on page 18.

See? Lots of fun stuff – along with a creepy, scary movie. Besides World Peace, what more could you want?