Wrestlers and More

Feb 25, 2021

Let’s Get Ready to Rumblllllle!

We’re jumping back into the ring with a body-slamming new issue and wrestler Bambina on our cover… more on that later…

Our nod to Black History Month continues on page 2 with some news from the LGBTQ Caucus on the importance of Black History Month, as well as a spotlight of the New York City Center’s feature of Black History Month. Additionally, the AIDS Memorial Quilt has curated a 56-block section of the quilt in honor of Black History Month and the Black Americans who have suffered from HIV and AIDS (read about this as well as how to view the quilt online on page 4).

We’re certainly looking forward to spring and some warmer months, and hopefully less COVID restrictions and the return of seeing theater and movies in person, but until then, Chris Narloch gives us an update on events like NY PopsUp, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival on page 6, and some recommendations on some classic films (page 8).

On a more serious note, we wanted to acknowledge the rise of hate crimes happening all over the country, which have lately been targeting Asian Americans. To say nothing about the violence being committed on fellow citizens is to be complacent, so we are publishing the work of a concerned LGBTQ community member (who spent days of personal time compiling websites and phone numbers of various organizations) and together we present the: Hate Crime Reporting, Legal Assistance, & Advocacy Groups Resource Guide on pages 9 through 11. We’ll also be publishing the guide as a stand-alone document that can be emailed and shared.

Speaking of publishing, there’s a not to be missed art book on page 12, and a book review on page 13. This time Terri Schlichenmeyer features: “Everybody Else is Perfect: How I Survived Hypocrisy, Beauty, Clicks, and Likes” by author and Refinery29 beauty-and-fashion director Gabrielle Korn.

We’ve got the latest on some upcoming virtual events brought to you by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus (page 14) and a fundraiser with Colman Domingo and the SF Mine Troupe (page 15), and keeping it virtual on the big screen are more movies (recent releases) for your consideration on page 16.

If you’re wondering about our cover with wrestler Bambina, it will all make sense on page 18. A two-part feature on the world of queer professional wrestling begins there, and it was written by the newest member of the Outword Magazine family, Christopher J. Beale. Welcome, Christopher!

But wait, there’s more! On page 24, we’re getting fancy with some cocktail recipes using Villion, (a spirit made with Cognac), and then we put Girl Scout Cookies in a prom gown by morphing them into dreamy desserts (Outword exclusive recipes and photos on page 25!)

While you test out those cookie recipes, you can listen to new dancy, fun music by Mika, SG Lewis, and Purple Disco Machine released on Casablanca Records (reviewed on page 26)…and DING DING DING! Just like that, that wrestling bell goes off and this issue has reached the end of the round! Victory!