Pee Wee Forever!

Aug 10, 2023

We couldn’t let Pee Wee Herman pass without a cover and a brief tribute to the funnyman who gave us so much joy. In his trademark grey suit, red bow tie and white loafers, he was the ultimate hip nerd, a man-child who helped us get in touch with our own inner child.

Pee Wee’s creator, the brilliant character actor Paul Reubens, survived several scandals during their career – all of which were blown way out of proportion – and it was a testament to the delirious devotion of Pee Wee’s fanbase that they never deserted him. Check out Chris’ tribute on page 14.

Elsewhere in this issue of Outword, you will find two press releases from Ca Attorney General Rob Bonta about his efforts on behalf of trans rights and women’s reproductive rights, respectively.

You will also learn about an electric tricycle pilot program in these pages, as well as how to get through to closed minds.

Our own Matt Burlingame contributes two essential articles to this Outword: his regular column with loads of fun things to do, and a piece with valuable information about LGBTQ sports in Sacramento.

Patti Roberts reports on the status of Sacramento Theatre Company and the trouble that regional theaters are having bouncing back after the pandemic. You can find this story on page 11.

Our arts guy Chris Narloch lets us in on the latest and greatest from Broadway At Music Circus, and shares reviews of four country music queens, two current queer streamers, and four new movies in theaters.

There is also news on the latest exhibit at the CA Automobile Museum, and an announcement about more turntable rides available at the CA State Railroad Museum.

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