Annual Farm to Fork Special Issue

Sep 13, 2023

Our Annual Farm to Fork Special Issue is Out Now!

Living in Sacramento, we hear the term farm-to-fork a lot. We live in an area where a large variety of fresh food and fine dining are readily available. So, why shouldn’t we enjoy it? Each year, we celebrate Sacramento deliciousness with our Farm-to-Fork Special Issue – and here it is for 2023.

Our own Chris Allan outdid herself for this issue. One of her beautiful photographs from the recent Tower Bridge Dinner graces the cover, and there is an entire page of more pictures from that event on page 22. Before the dinner, Chris also sat down with one of the five main chefs who helped create the culinary delights the guests got to eat. Check out page 23 for Chris’ chat with chef Rebecca Campbell.

But wait, there’s more! Chris also spent some time in Woodland sampling dishes from several food trucks that specialize in Mexican food. You can read all about that adventure, and see some photos, on page 12. Thank you, Chris, for your wonderful words and fantastic photos!

This special issue is comprised of 36 pages, so you know there is a lot more to see throughout the whole magazine.

On page six, Chris Narloch has a touching tribute to an LGBTQ+ ally, Laura Ann Carleton, who was taken from us horrifically. On page seven, Dennis Mangers shares “A Call to Action,” recapping his experiences and wisdom. On page nine, we share an op-ed about the importance of creating safe spaces for our community, written by Orlando Gonzalez. It is well worth the read.

Further into the mag, we have more happenings that celebrate Farm-to-Fork month, from the Midtown Farmer’s Market to what local museums are doing to get in on the fun, plus the actual Farm-to-Fork Festival that will be held on September 22 and 23, on Capitol Mall. You can find that article from Visit Sacramento on page 14.

Entertainment? We’ve got that covered too.

Chris Narloch does not disappoint with cool, live theater information, “A Trio of New Queer Movies,” and Cake at the Crocker. Last but certainly not least, Matt Burlingame’s latest Out and About column, which is always fun, can be found on page 26.

So, as you can see, lots of cool stuff.

Also, don’t miss out on our annual Pet Photo Contest. If you win, with your cute and amazing pet photo, you will get a crisp one hundred dollars, to do with as you please. Entries must be received by 5 p.m. October 16, 2023. Email your entry to

Good luck!