Outword’s Anti-Hate Special Issue

Oct 11, 2023

Getting the Word Out

Our slogan has always been: Get the Word Out. It’s a play on our name, but it effectively and efficiently states what we strive for. Providing our LGBTQ+ community with helpful information, spotlighting topics that should be important to everyone, especially our LGBTQ+ readers and allies of Outword, and of course, some fun things to do see and do.

We are calling this Outword our Anti-Hate Issue because with everything that is going on around us, and all the alarming attacks on the LGBTQ+ community we felt it necessary to publish the articles and resources that are in this special issue. We are working in conjunction with CA vs Hate and other community partners to provide this information and will continue to do so throughout the coming year. (www.CAvsHate.org)

First and foremost, we have compiled a list of entities that are here to help. Four pages of them. So, whether it’s reporting a hate crime, escaping a violent environment, or just looking for a helping hand, our guide begins on page 13 in the online version, and is a great place to start. It took an enormous amount of time and energy to compile, and we would like to say a Super Huge Thank You to all that helped in its creation.

Matt Burlingame was kept very busy with this issue, writing several articles, and we are extremely happy for his contributions. Be sure to check out “A Legacy of Leadership,” “Hate Incidents vs Hate Crimes” and his wonderful regular column, “Out and About.”

Unfortunately, the world, and especially California, had to say goodbye to Senator Dianne Feinstein, a champion of the LGBTQ+ community and all underserved communities. You can find our tribute and respects on page 3, along with several Outword-exclusive photos from Chris Allan, who braved a heatwave in San Francisco to attend the Senator’s memorial.

In addition to all that info, Chris Narloch has served up articles about outrageous pumpkins, glamourous automobiles, candlelight concerts, and some entertaining movies you should check out. There is also Disney on Ice, Halloween Horror at the Crocker, and “The War of the Worlds.”

We wrap up this issue with two pics from readers of some amazing-looking food that was enjoyed at local restaurants. Just remember, if you would like to send in some delicious culinary pics, please do. Share with us, and our readers. We love them! #OutwordTasteBuds

Throughout this issue you will find articles that should be helpful and informative. But rather than list them all here, we ask that you pick up a copy or read the online version.

Please take care, of yourself, and your loved ones, and be safe out there. Hate incidents and hate crimes are on the rise. Let’s overpower them with love and try to teach patience and understanding. Help us to Get the Word Out!