Outword’s Annual Traveling 2024

Mar 13, 2024

Surely, we have all dreamed of being on a remote Greek island, waking up to enjoy your morning coffee gazing out a patio door at the clear blue sky and the equally blue water below. You take a deep breath, knowing the plan for the day is to have a Greek salad for lunch before cruising the farmer’s market for some fresh produce for dinner. Almost sounds like a movie, huh?

Well, our very own, Chris Allan, has shared with us her story about visiting Athens, and quite possibly that very same little village, on an island that’s not too far away. Check out her story and all her beautiful pictures on pages 12 and 13.

This is Outword’s Annual Traveling issue so we have a couple of things to do and see that will take you out of town. Check out Bill Malcolm’s article on Puerto Rico on page 19, where he breaks it down for you: where to stay, what to do, where to eat, and even the nightlife. Closer to home, we have included some fun hikes and day trips brought to you by American River Conservancy, on page 9.

Judy Saint brightens up page 8 with her column, “Little Activisms – Lyft Personal Tour,” and Diana Kienle introduces us to LaPelle winery in St. Helena, on page 14.

Chris Narloch writes about a myriad of entertainment options: four new movies to see, including one that includes great big worms, the Flame Con comic convention in NYC, Dreamland Cinema in midtown Sacramento, and celebrating Women’s History at the CA Auto Museum.

Rounding out this special issue is Matthew Burlingame’s ever-popular “Out and About” column. Always big fun!

As always, you know the deal. Click on down to the corner Outword web site and read this issue for free – online. Or transport yourself to a local watering hole to pick up a tactile paper copy.

Until next time, enjoy and safe travels!