Official Sac Pride Guide Inside!

May 29, 2024

Our Annual Sacramento Pride Guide is Out Now!

Got some questions about the upcoming Pride weekend and festival? Well, we have answers! We will start off by saying, Yes. Jaida Essence Hall, who is on the cover, IS scheduled to perform at this year’s pride celebration. What day, and when? You ask. Grab your paper issue of Outword or swipe over to, and look at the Sac Pride Guide that starts on page 31. All will be answered.

As you might assume, this issue is our largest of the year, and we have found some great stuff to fill it to the max. We get some very important newsie stuff out of the way first, and then bring you information about some other Pride celebrations that are going on not too far away, like Redding, Napa, Davis and Yountville. There is also a list in the back of this paper with even more events, some in California, some a little farther out there.

In an effort to keep this short and to-the-point, suffice to say here a a couple of quick mentions you will want to check out: “On Bette Middler,” pics from Big Day of Giving at RCC’s Drag Queen Bingo, Coming Out Day coming up, the meaning behind the colors of our flag, Wind Youth Services and more.

Farther into the issue, you will find: Pride Prom at Ace of Spades, Film Festival Fever, Blockbuster Season Has Begun, Matthew’s Out & About column, the Tony Awards and the “Can’t Cancel Pride” concert on Hulu.

So, there you have it, certainly not all of it, but It none the less. For the rest of It you will need to check out a copy of this very It Issue.

We would like to take a sentence or two to thank everyone who has made this issue possible: from our amazing advertisers, to the talented graphic designers that make their ads, to everyone that helped pull all the pieces together, and a super-huge Thank You to you, our readers. Pride Season is FAR from over though. We are gearing up for the remaining two Pride issues so if you would like to get your Word Out, pick up the phone and give Fred a call. He will have some answers for you too!