Outword’s Annual Holiday Shopping – Part One is Out Now!

Dec 28, 2019

Holiday Shopping is a Big Deal! That’s why we have not one, but two Holiday Shopping issues. With this issue we ease you into the spirit with some great ideas about where you can get some fun presents, that doesn’t include going to the mall, or staying up late at night ordering from Amazon.com. We also have some fun ideas for actual presents on page 24 and 25. The next issue will have even more, but this will get you started…

As you may have noticed, America’s favorite drag star is on the cover. There’s a reason for that. RuPaul will be joining the CA Museum Hall of Fame! You can read all the gory details on page 18.

The holiday season is also known for its many shows and things to do and our Man-About-Town, Chris Narloch is On It! From plays to black and white movies, to new Xmas music, you name it (ish) and he is writing about it.

So there you have it. Lots to read, see and find out about. Oh! And Out and About pictures from this year’s Drag Queens on Ice. Who doesn’t love to see their picture in print??