Romance is in the Air

Feb 13, 2020

Super Special and Super Big 38 page Special Issue!

With a hint of Spring in the air, there’s always the chance for love and romance, maybe even a wedding, and that’s what this issue is all about. Ok, maybe not ALL about, but mostly – and all the other stuff is pretty darn good as well.

From Prenups to the Power of Love to all you can eat crabs, to “Love Wins!” to happy couples to gourmet for Valentines to “Finding the Right Venue,” it’s here. There is even stuff in between all that stuff.

Then there’s Reno/Tahoe, Film Festival Fever, Celebrate Black History Month, Chick Flicks and new Pet Shop Boys music. And let’s not forget the ad on page 3 for Cher in May and Janet Jackson in August! Yay!

So check out this Super Sized, Super Fun issue of Outword, either online or printed on paper and available for free on newsstands today!

Happy Valentine’s Day. See you at Outword’s Happy Hour on Friday? You know you wanna…