The new issue of Outword is Out Now!

Oct 8, 2020

Release the hounds! The new issue of Outword is out now!

This edition of Outword is a bit of a mixed bag, we’ll admit, but we’d be remiss without paying our respects on our cover to the honorable former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She once said, “Real and enduring change happens one step at a time.” We believe this change happens with the power to vote. It is our right and privilege to vote on November 3, and we mention it now because you actually have until October 19 to register if you’re not already! Voting this time around is so important and will most assuredly shape the future of the United States for years to come, so please read up on the issues and the candidates and VOTE! More information here, including how to register to vote, how to check your registration, where you can drop off your ballot, and how to track your ballot:

Speaking of change, the first installment of the LGBT History Project on page 16 covers the United States Naval Academy’s very gradual acceptance of the LGBTQ community from the adoption of the Defense Directive “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to the creation of the Navy Spectrum, the Genders and Sexualities Alliance Club for the United States Naval Academy. See pages 16 and 17.

Female pop music fans rejoice and read Chris Narloch’s latest album reviews on pages 18-19. Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Alanis Morissette, Gloria Estefan, and Haim, have all re-emerged in the last few months with new material.

Speaking of music, music goes to the movies (and streaming online) later this month with a Stevie Nicks concert, a live show from eighties sensations, OMD, and the Spike Lee directed filmed version of “David Byrne’s American Utopia” concert. More information on page 24!

Need more entertainment? Chris Narloch does the heavy lifting and gives us a rundown of everything worth watching lately on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as an update on the re-opening of movie theatres, and news about the online Sacramento French Film Festival going on later this month on page 25.

Also, a last friendly reminder that you have until October 12 to submit a photo of your pet for our picture contest. A $25 La Cosecha gift card is up for grabs, people! (See page 9 for all the details – and note that La Cosecha is providing a wonderful curb-side pickup service, as well as take out, and they have lots of patio space with social distancing in place for eating there in there in the park!). Aaaaand, go!