Health and Body Special Issue 2022

Jan 13, 2022

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind and Great Music!

The issue is OUT. We hope you had a fantastic holiday and we are ready to kick off a new year with our Health and Body Issue!

Our buff, healthy, and handsome cover model is wearing a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2 earbuds, and a review of them (along with a review of a pair of Klipsch T5 McLarens) can be found on page 18.

Our health stories begin on page 3 with a report on smoking in the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community. OUT Against Big Tobacco Coalition is working to reduce LGBTQ+ tobacco use.

Avid non-smoker and Outword Staff writer/designer Kristy Harris recently incorporated weightlifting into her workout routine, and it helped her lose fat and tone up. Read more on page 4.

We pay tribute to Wayne Thiebaud on page 5. His artwork was ever so delicious to look at, yet calorie and guilt-free!

Speaking of guilt-free, Kristy Harris returns with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cardio Recovery Shake made with 310 Nutrition products (page 6) that clocks in at only 255 calories.

We’ve got a running-related book review on page 8: “Runner’s High: How a Movement of Cannabis-Fueled Athletes is Changing the Science of Sports” by Josiah Hesse, and our wine writer Diana Kienle visits Calistoga with a write up on Rivers-Marie. They say red wine is good for the heart, yes?

Chris Narloch has some new movies for the new year for us on page 14, the 411 on an upcoming Janet Jackson documentary (page 15) as well as a couple big screen events on page 16—including details on how to watch the 100th birthday celebration of Betty White (R.I.P. Betty).

As always, thank you to our Outword advertisers and RainbowFund supporters who have helped to keep us going. We love and appreciate you. Happy New Year to all!