Always Believe in Love!

Feb 9, 2023

What more can be said about love that hasn’t been said already? Plenty, as it turns out. It brings us together, and sometimes it breaks our hearts. But who would want to not have the experience of the truest of Love? While we remember that with our annual Romance Issue, we also say farewell to someone that was loved by so many. On the cover are Tina Reynolds and Kate Moore on their wedding day, and from that day on their lives were filled with fun, joy and love. Farewell Kate. You will be missed so incredibly much. 

Now, if you are in a love haze with a special someone, be sure to check out “Three Perfect Days in Sonoma” on page 10. You just might find some fun, romantic things to do that are not too far away from home!
As you are well aware, this wouldn’t be an Issue of Outword without more. Much more. 

Melinda tells us why a premarital agreement is really a loving gesture, Matt brings us fun things to do for date night with his Out & About column, Mikey Rox spotlights some great gift ideas, tailored for that special Valentine, and Chris brings us entertainment reviews and highlights that include an Apocalyptic Queer Love Story. What could be better? 

So, you see, there is so much more. All you need do is grab a printed Issue on newsstands now, or read it online. All for free.

Till next time, take care, Sacramento. We love you!