Outword’s April 9, 2020 Issue is Out Now!

Apr 9, 2020

Welcome to our second All-Digital issue of Outword Magazine

Since digital allows us a bit more “elbow” room, we have taken full advantage of that and have this 54 page publication to present to you! It’s full of useful, helpful, even uplifting information about our situation, and how to make it to the other side. Plus, don’t miss the hauntingly beautiful images captured by our readers, starting on page 28.

This issue has letters and statements from leaders of this community, helpful professionals and a lot of stay at home fun stuff.

In the back of the issue you will find a continuation of our reference guide that should be a great resource for just about everyone.

These are trying times, but hopefully, with Outword on your phone, tablet, TV or computer you are able to take a breath and let some of the bad stuff pass you right by. And you all know it’s FREE, right?