The April 23 Issue of Outword is Online Now!

Apr 23, 2020

The Corona virus continues to alter the way we live and many fear that we are not even close to seeing all the changes that are heading our way. One of those changes is that most now agree that wearing a face mask is a good preventative measure. So we thought we would ask for readers, and the like, to send us a pic of themselves, wearing their custom face mask, or even just a regular one, worn with style. We have a fun selection of local folks, and even some celebrities, all donning their protective gear. We are lovingly calling them Face Mask Heroes! You can see the pics starting on page 26.

This issue, of course, has so much more than just face mask pics. It is full of great information about how parts of the LGBTQ+ community is trying to cope with the effects of distancing, like that SF Men’s Chorus released a video, with each member contributing from home, local businesses that are making masks just as fast as they can and more information about coping with the physical and mental challenges of disease and forced change.

But not all is melancholy news. There are museums that are offering displays and functions online, Drag Queen Bingo will be going virtual – you can even follow along by printing your own bingo cards and, of course, we have included a recipe for all of you passing the time in the kitchen.

Chris Narloch has movies you can watch at home, new music (from hunky country music stars) as well as a Netflix recommendation and a Trans-positive single from a talented singer/songwriter. For the not so pure of mind, be sure to check out an adult title review that Aunt Suzie pulled out of her bonnet. It’s all in good fun!

If you zoom back through this issue, you may have noticed a very special ad on page 15. The ad is for what we here at Outword are calling the “Outword Rainbow Fund.” We are presenting this as a way that members of the Sacramento community can help Outword Magazine weather the economic storm created by the virus. The Rainbow Fund offers you a way to be a paid Supporter of Outword and we will list our supporters in the upcoming issue for other readers to see and know of your support. Please check out and/or give us a call for more information. (This money will not be going to a steak house)