Happy Pride Month Sacramento

Jun 25, 2020

Happy Pride Month Sacramento (and everywhere else)!

In some ways this month has flown by for us, and in other ways, quite the opposite. As far as Outword’s production schedule – flown. This is already our third Pride Month issue, but it seems like only a couple of days ago, we changed our production plans from just one Pride issue, to three. This issue’s Pride theme is “Stonewall.” But, like all things 2020, and almost all issues of Outword, this issue took on wonderful life of its own. It did not become so much a history book lesson, as a reflection of some people, in and around our community, that acknowledge the history and the hard work it has taken to get LGBTQ people to where we are today.

This issue contains some wonder essays, interesting tidbits and the third portion of our LGBTQ+ timeline, that bring us current to this year, and so much more. As always, we are extremely grateful for the contributions within, that made this body of work possible.

Of course, there was room for some fun stuff as well. Chris Narloch highlights some queer movies that you should be able to stream at home, when you are being safe, on the couch. There are some books you should check out, maybe an old, but significant, pop album that just could be worth dusting off and giving a fresh listen, and lots more.

This issue of Outword is available digitally, for FREE, and you can access it at either our ISSUU portal, or you can download the PDF from our web site. If you see something inside that interests you, there should be a web link you can click to find out even more. Not to mention that back issues can be found at either web location, just in case you missed a previous publication.

We hope you enjoy this, our Third Issue of Pride 2020, and we look forward to hearing from you, even more, as we muddle through life’s current challenges. Our next themed issue will be our “Wheels and Tech” issue. We have some fun stuff lined up. Come back in two weeks to check it out!

Till then, please take care and stay safe.