Our Second Pride Issue of 2020 is Out Now!

Jun 11, 2020

When COVID caused the whole world to shut down, Pride Celebrations around the world were cancelled, so we decided to do not just one Pride issue, but to keep the spirit going for a whole month, so we decided to do three. Number One is done and has been available since May 28, and this issue, Number Two, has just hit the online newsstands. Our theme for this issue is “Activism.” Originally, we had different ideas for what was going to go into this issue, but the rapidly changing world around us had other plans.

So, this Activism issue has a different “voice” than we thought it would, and that has turned out to be a good thing. We are glad that we are able to publish this issue and we are so grateful for everyone that helped us pull it together.

We have commentary from our community about the protests and the underlying problems they are drawing focus to, we have a farewell homage to a very prominent HIV/AIDS activist and Dave Rupel has pulled together a wonderful, new timeline that starts off where our 2002 timeline left off. (If you missed the last timeline, just check out the May 28 issue.) And, Chris Narloch has pulled together stories and thoughts about art, music and more, of course.

You know that’s not all. And, you know what to do now. Click on the image or link that will lead you to our web site, where you can choose to download a PDF version of the paper, or go to our ISSUU portal and read it on any device, that can access ISSUU. As always, Outword Magazine is free to our readers. We hope you enjoy this, our second Pride issue, and will be sure to swing back around for our third Pride issue that comes out on June 25.