Outword’s Farm to Fork Annual Special Issue is Out Now!

Sep 10, 2020

Chadwick Boseman / Farm to Fork Annual Issue, is Out Now!

That sounds funny to say, huh? This, like our many other themed issues, have been on our schedule for this whole year, for sure, but also for prior years as well. All of us here at Outword love the Farm to Fork issue. Not just because we love to eat fresh, delicious food, but there is a real sense of pride at what our city has accomplished over the years, and we have shown the world just how much we can do with the resources available to us.

This issue is, naturally, different. COVID has seen to that. Still we march on, content has been temporarily altered and the places we would go to celebrate are trying to be a part of the solution to controlling this deadly virus, which means that not all is as before. (But, give your favorite restaurant a call and see what they might be doing!) Every one of us longs for the days before Corona, and when days like those can be had again, we will be there, with you, to truly make the most of it.

We also wanted to make very special mention of the passing of a man that was taken from the world much too soon. Chadwick Boseman. Our Arts and Entertainment editor, Chris Narloch, shared some thoughts about this man, actor, role model and more. Please check it out on page 12.

This issue contains much more than that, though. We have pulled together some food-related articles, including a must-have list of grocery items from one of our favorite stores, Trader Joe’s. Also, because of the SIP situation, the Farm to Form Tower Bridge dinner can now be enjoyed by others, as the vendors that were going to serve, are now making their contribution available to anyone that orders some up. Check out page 19 for more information.

We also packed this issue with some news, a little politics and a whole lot of other fun stuff, even some new movies and a unique video game.

Click the cover image to be taken to our web site where you will have the option to either read the issue online, on any device, or to download the PDF file and read this issue on pretty much any device. The choice is yours, and as always, it’s free.

Take care of yourself, and we hope you enjoy!