Outword Celebrates 25 Years!

Aug 27, 2020

25 Years Old. Wow! Come Celebrate With Us (safely, of course)!

About a year ago we put on the Outword company calendar that we would be throwing a big party right about now to celebrate our 25 years of serving the LGBTQ+ community. And it has been truly our pleasure. But, like the last 25 years, going forward will continue to mean more learning, more giving and, hopefully, a lot more loving. Please join us.

But for right now, flip through this new issue of Outword and see what we have pulled together for you. Besides our usual goodies, we went all the way back to the very first issue (paper only) and beyond, and pulled images of covers over the years, that we thought made an impact, or that we just really liked. Check them out. There are twelve pages of them! Wow, again!

Our featured writers have totally come through with great content, and, of course, Chris Narloch never ceases to amaze! Then there’s Ron, who went on and on and on about one of his favorite subjects, his truck… He’s harmless, so we let him write about RAAMmat(ing), F11, tonneau covers and even mudflaps. If that sounds fascinating, be sure to check out page 42.

But enough about that! This is our Anniversary issue! We hope that you will make a comfortable place on the couch, pour a glass, make the animals comfortable and spend some time reading this issue of Outword on your pad or phone.

We really do thank each and every one of you that have helped make this 25 year journey possible. We know we couldn’t have done this without you. Let’s move forward with gusto and moxie!

Take care from all of us here at Outword.