We have a new President and Vice President-Elect!

Nov 12, 2020

We have a new issue and we have a new President and Vice President-Elect!

Introducing President-Elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. and history-making first black female Vice-President-Elect Kamala D. Harris. Last issue, we were optimistic we would be able to announce this, and on Saturday, November 7th, our hope came to fruition.

Remarkably, the Biden/Harris administration has already delivered an ambitious transition plan to tackle the concerns of our great nation: COVID-19, Economic Recovery, Racial Equity, and Climate Change (https://buildbackbetter.com). We support and look forward to the leadership Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will provide, as well as their opportunity to unite and heal a divided country. We the people of the United States have spoken.

Together, we used our voice and demanded change, not only on the Presidential ticket, but down the ballot in the House and Senate. Check out all the LGBTQ+ candidates who won big on election day on page 4. It’s exciting to think stop and think about how far we’ve come and how far we’ll continue to go as a community continuing to fight for equal rights, affordable health care, and justice for all.

Hopefully soon we can also be as triumphant in fighting COVID-19. Find out how you can get a FREE test at the Sac LGBT Center on page 10, and on page 11 you’ll find tips for dealing with the upcoming holiday season in a post-COVID world.

To escape that world for a moment, Chris Narloch always has the cure. He’s got a write up on the release of the 15-disc DVD collection of the popular series Schitt’s Creek on page 12, and some holiday movie (gay-themed, obvi!) reviews on page 14, and a birth announcement (SPOILER ALERT: he’s not the father) as well as details on the HBO Max docuseries Equal on page 15.A

Closing out this issue is a book review of TMI: My Life in Scandal, the Perez Hilton autobiography on page 20 and information on a few local museums reopening and their current exhibits. As always, thank you so much for Outword supporters who have contributed to the Outword Rainbow Fund. You are amazing people and we feel loved and appreciated.

On that note, we hope you enjoy this issue and hope to see you at Outword’s Monthly Zoom Happy Hour (this Friday at 5:30pm) to celebrate victory!