Outword’s Annual Holiday Shopping One

Nov 28, 2020

Outword’s Annual Holiday Shopping – Part One is Out Now!

Holiday Shopping is a Big Deal! That’s why we have not one, but two Holiday Shopping issues… With this issue we ease you into the spirit with some great ideas about where you can get some fun presents, that doesn’t include going to the mall. And, this is just the beginning. The next issue of Outword will have even more stuff, but this one should get you started…

This time of year is usually filled with festive things to do to help you celebrate all the holidays, and this year is still filled, but in a different way. As you may have guessed, this year, thanks to You-Know-What, is going to be virtual. No, it’s not as fun as going and doing, but it’s what we got and the folks putting these events on are doing their best. Please support them, if you can.

So, this new issue of Outword is available online in two main places, on our ISSUU portal or on our PDF downloads page. Both are free and easy. Go check them out.

Of course, the crew here at Outword wish you, and yours, the very best of what is left to offer for the upcoming holiday and beyond. We are doing our best to stay safe, and hope that you will too. Let’s all be around when things turn around, ok?