Our Annual Romance and Weddings Issue is Out Now!

Feb 10, 2022

Oh, That Wedding, Oh, Those Smiles, Oh, Those Shoes!

As you might have gathered from the cover of the new issue of Outword, it is our Romance and Weddings Issue. Along with our other themed issues, we do this once a year and try to fill these special issues with cool, fun stuff. So, besides the fun and funky cover, you will find wonderful articles, pictures and even ads inside this new issue that could be mondo helpful. You absolutely owe it to yourself to go pick one up, or click through and read it online!

If you are planning a wedding, be sure to check out page 6 where you’ll find an article about finding just the right venue for that special day. And speaking of the perfect place to have a celebration, be sure to check out Scott’s Seafood’s ad as well as Granite Bay Golf Club’s ad in the center of the paper. Both display beautiful images of their locations as well as some fun pics from previous events.

We once again hear from Mikey Rox as he lays out some fun, frisky and even romantical items that you can hurry and get your dearly beloved Valentine. And if you are single, and fabulous, you might think of getting some of them for yourself..? You can find that list on page 10.

Our simply amazing Arts and Entertainment editor, Chris Narloch, highlights some music that will help as you celebrate Black History Month, something fun and fresh, and you can read all about it on page 8.

He also gives us a couple of tidbits about a spectrum of entertainment happenings that you will most certainly find, well, entertaining. You absolutely can’t miss his review of four noteworthy movies that you can mask up and go see in an actual theater… (you gotta read about “Moonfall”!)

We’ve got Cecil, Lebowitz, Schneider, Kennedy (Gallery), Lil Nas X and even celebrity photographer, Mike Ruiz. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, it is. But you will never know until you pick up a copy or read a digitized version online. All our formats are free of charge, really. We didn’t raise the price of reading the paper, not one penny!

So, put on your funky shoes, kick them up and Enjoy the Read!