It’s February 24, and the New Issue of Outword is Out Now!

Feb 24, 2022

What can be said about John Waters that hasn’t already been said? Plenty. And, it’s all (kinda) good! Our very own Chris Narloch sat down with John and talked a spell. You can read all about it on page 17. Not to mention that he will be returning to Sacramento, so don’t miss this!

However, page 17 is only one page of this 24-page gem.

We have stories about a Harriet Tubman mint coin, returning to one of our favorite towns, Palm Springs – it’s easy now with Southwest flying there, directly, twice a day. An enticing new book that is reviewed by our Bookworm and check out the pics of the new flags around Lavender Heights, that resides on page 9.

This wouldn’t be an issue of Outword without great entertainment articles, and this one does not disappoint. “Proud Family,” Matt Burlingame’s Out and About, super-cutie crooner, Spenser Day, some local theater and movies, movies and IMAX movies. (Tom Holland – swoon). And you will also find some fun new LGBTQ+ music. What could be better?

Well, reading the paper, instead of this, could be better.

So pick up a paper copy, download a beautiful PDF or swish on over to ISSUU to our portal and read the Flip Version. All for free. Be sure to say “Hi!” to our advertisers when you tell them you saw their ad in Outword. (They love that stuff).

As always, thanks for making us Sacramento’s oldest LGBTQ+ publication!