Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Apr 28, 2022

Not All Heroes Wear Capes, At Least Not All the Time!

And not all heroes live in Metropolis. Some live right here in beautiful Sacramento. For instance, there is Johnathan Cameron, AKA Taryn Thru-U, who is having a birthday very soon, that works tirelessly to help others by donning some makeup, a lovely dress and lip syncing for his life. Or something like that. What we surely know is everyone loves him, but no one wants to cross her… Check out their tale on page 10.

If you can manage to get past the stunning cover, you will certainly find all sorts of fun stuff. First off, there is a story about a local station that is helping to “Carry the Load,” then there are some interesting things happening not too far away in San Francisco, a fun new book written by the ever-vibrant Molly Shannon, and let’s not forget Matt Burlingame’s Out & About. Big Day of Giving is coming soon, and Matt included some very entertaining things to do where you will be having fun and doing good! (Hint, hint, Drag Queen Bingo…)

No edition of Outword would be complete without an entertainment extravaganza by the talented Chris Narloch. With his story “Testosterone for Days on the Big Screen,” he invites you to check out something you don’t see every day – a nude swordfight at the movies. That article is on page 12.

Farther in we have a local Gala to benefit Broadway Sacramento, we revisit a seventies movie classic from a galaxy far, far away, we highlight a fun new game and fill you in with information about the 16th Annual Cheese Festival taking place at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. Yum!

Then Mama’s Back Makin’ Bacon, Buster Keaton is back on the silver screen, the Golden Girls cruise, Concerts in the Park, and a look back at the impressive talents of George Michael.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Well, be sure to swoop in and grab a copy, or save the day by clicking to our web site, or to, to read this issue (and lots of back issues) online, for Free.