The July 28 Issue is Out Now

Jul 28, 2022

The July 28 Issue is Out Now – Even More Pride Pics!

Sometimes you come across an image, and it speaks to you. You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words! We were presented with images from Pride festivals that were not local, and there were so many great shots, that we asked if we could share them with you, our readers. So, here they are. We have a picture page from Pride in Peru and a two-page spread of pics from this year’s San Diego Pride. Check them out on pages 10 and 11, as well as page 14.

That uses up three pages in our 28-page magazine, so you know there is going to be some other great and informative stuff within… As for informative, we start with a growing issue that has been focused, for the time being, on the queer community, Monkeypox. Ted Ross has been keeping us up to date about the latest news and containment options to help slow, or halt, the spread of this horrible virus. (It’s a stupid name, but a very real problem!)

On a lighter note, Sacramento PFLAG is turning 40, and they would like you to join them in a special celebration that will be held on August 17th. You can find an article on page 5, as well as their ad for the event on page 7.

Page 6 gives you some info about the Mental Health Crisis Hotline’s new phone number which is also a text-capable number: 988. They made it easy to remember so more people can get some help, easily and when they need it.

Ok, so that was some heavy stuff, but dig deeper into the pages of this issue and you will find a book review of “Fire Island,” a James Bond film festival at IMAX, new release movies at your local theater, and even “Something Rotten!” (Don’t worry, it’s a Broadway Sacramento hilarious, musical comedy show that is running through the

You will also find Matthew Burlingame’s “Out and About” column, full of fun things to do and see. We touch on some Judy Garland Blu-rays, some ‘70s Sirens, and a wonderful art show in Davis. Just to name a few tidbits.

Also, be sure to check out page 24 for information about a new recurring article that will be about love and couples called “So This Is Love.” Joey Garcia will be curating the column, and she is looking to tell your story. You can email her at: . Drop her a line and spill some love.

This certainly turned out to be a long “Issue is Out” announcement, but this Issue, now that it is out, warrants all the words above. Great info, awesome things to do and see, and much more. Go grab a paper Issue, or click through to read us online, or download the PDF. For Free. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Enjoy the read!