Welcome to our 27th Annual Anniversary Issue of Outword Magazine

Aug 25, 2022

You read that right. We have been serving the Northern California area, and especially Sacramento for 27 years! And truth be told, we are not always the best about tooting our own horn. There have been other milestone issues that somehow just kind of slipped by us, like our 25th Anniversary, or more recently, our 700th publication. As you can imagine, producing Outword the second and fourth Thursdays of each month keeps us busy, and sometimes it’s a lot to take in. But here we are with this new, exciting issue. Fred, the Publisher, says hello on page three. Be sure to check that out!

As you can see from the cover, our very own Chris Narloch shares his views on a couple of films that Idris Elba is starring in, along with a lot of other entertainment items. He also says farewell to Olivia Newton-John, while Ron chimes in with a farewell to Nichelle Nichols. We will miss them both, but they brought so much hope and joy to the whole world that their memory will live on forever in our hearts.

Elsewhere in the issue, you will find info about a cookbook for charity, a Jewish Food Faire, a bit more Monkeypox info, “Out and About with Matt,” and the latest in live theatre that Sacramento has to offer.

Certainly, there’s more, right? Absolutely. But you will need to get your lovely hands on a copy, either print or digital, to see what else lies within.

A Huge Thank You goes out from us to all of you for helping us get to 27 years, and like we have said before, we look forward to many more. In these strange times, if you would like to directly help Outword Magazine, please investigate supporting us through the Outword Rainbow Fund. You will find information about that on pages 18 and 19.

Almost forgot! Be sure to check out Carly Rae Jepsen’s latest. She has a “Beach House” just for you. (But she’s probably gonna hurt your feelings…)