Outword’s Annual Farm to Fork Issue is Out Now!

Sep 8, 2022

September is that time of year when we take a moment to take in all the edible riches that surround us here in Sacramento and Northern California. It’s wonderful that we have so much fresh food available, all year long. This makes for some interesting and completely delicious culinary opportunities. Thankfully, there a good number of establishments that like working with local, in-season foods, so the rest of us can enjoy eating the masterpieces that they create. With this issue of Outword, we celebrate amazing food, as well as fun things to do, and we even toss in a bit of planet saving.

This is also a very special issue as our intrepid comrade (Ron Tackitt) spends a couple of incredible days in the Napa Valley eating his way up and down Washington Street in Yountville, CA. Don’t miss his recap starting on page 16! Yum! Also, don’t miss the next issue of Outword, our Annual Arts and Entertainment issue, where Ron will share his other Yountville experiences, that not food related!

Elsewhere in the issue you can read about the Center for Land Based Learning and what they are doing to help cultivate farmers. There is a blurb about Hulu’s new show, “Best in Dough,” and information about a gathering to promote the reading of banned books that will happen on the West Steps of the Capitol.

Don’t miss page 14 so you will know all about the Farm 2 Fork Festival here in Sacramento and the fun they will be having.

Of course, we have Matt’s “Out & About” as well as some P!nk, Bowie and an ad from Mondavi announcing Pink Martini’s upcoming show!

No Farm to Fork celebration would be complete without doing what we can to help save our planet. And we found something that makes that (almost) fun, and certainly easy – the Lomi. Get down and dirty with Peter M. as he walks us through using this new kitchen gadget designed to reduce our food waste footprint. It’s on page 28.

You can see that there is a lot of turf to cover in this special home-grown issue of Outword. We hope you will find some fun stuff cropping up, and that maybe we can plant some seeds of joy and learning that you can sow and reap their rewards. Pick up a copy or read it online.

Happy Farm to Fork!