Our Annual Sacramento Pride Special Issue is Out Now!

May 25, 2023

Can you believe it? It is time for Pride once again, and not a moment too soon, given all that has been happening in our country recently. Luckily, Outword is here with our Annual Special Issue that contains Sacramento’s Official Pride Guide! Check out, starting on page 29. You will find info about the entertainers that will be performing and what time of what day, a map of the joint and so much more – three pages in all!

This is our biggest issue of the year, so suffice to say, there is a boat-load of stuff in this edition. There are several politically inclined stories about our fight to keep our rights, because thanks to the likes of Ron DeSantis, we are being attacked more than we have been in years. It is information that is truly worth knowing.

This is the first of three consecutive Pride issues for Outword, and we have included several articles and features highlighting Pride events nearby, as well as all across the state. There is Davis Pride info on page 22, Crocker Art PrideMix on page 32, and even an ad for Elk Grove Pride on page 38. Be sure to check out pages 44 and 45 for a quick view of places, event dates and locations.

There is so much good stuff in this issue, you will want to grab a cup of coffee or a cool beverage and take your time with all 60 pages. (Yes, that’s not a typo). As always, Matt Burlingame recommends a plethora of fun things to see and do, in his Out & About column on page 20, and Chris Narloch contributes several new movie reviews, plus a new musical, a free concert, queer music for Pride, a shoutout for the Tony Awards, Pride Nite at Disneyland, a French Film Festival in Sacramento, and the latest from U2.

Putting together the Pride issues is a labor of love for us here at Outword. We hope they are both entertaining and informative, and we would like to take a second and ask that you look at all the LGBTQ+/LGBTQ+ – friendly advertisers that make our Pride issues possible. By being in our publication, they are saying, “We support you and who you want to love, we believe in everyone’s freedoms, and hey, maybe we can help you spend some of your hard-earned money..?” If you contact someone from the pages of Outword, please let them know where you got their number.

As we do every year, we wish everyone an amazing Pride, but please be aware, be safe and take care of yourself, and your family and friends.

Enjoy the Read.