Our Third Pride Issue of the year, “Pride History,” is Out Now!

Jun 21, 2023

This issue is very special to us. It’s not just a “Happy Pride” issue, but more like a look back at what we have been through and are still experiencing. With all the horrible things some people are blaming, or shaming or outright accusing this community of, it’s good to see how strong we have been, and that shows us how strong and resilient we can be – now that it is needed again.

We would really like to thank everyone that has helped with the creation and design of our ongoing LGBTQ+ Timeline. A very special thanks to the amazing Kate Moore who got the project started, in such a beautiful way. Without trying to sound trite, the Timeline in this issue has been a labor of Love, and we are so grateful that we can present it, in its entirety, in the pages of this publication. This timeline is a living, evolving thing, so if there is something that we missed that should be added, feel free to drop us a line. The Timeline begins on page 24.

This issue of Outword also has the distinction of being the largest (number of pages) issue we have produced in years. A big part of that has been the support we have gotten from our advertisers, but also the support from our amazing community. And with a great number of pages comes a great number of interesting and fun articles!

We also have the privilege of sharing some very fun pictures from Sacramento Pride, from two very, very talented photographers, Chris Allan and Jammin’ Jo. Chris’ photo of Bronze Avery on the cover wowed all of us here at Outword, and we love the way it introduces this publication. The other Pride pics can be found on pages 47 and 49 in the digital versions.

This issue contains some important news and politics, some book reviews, and Outword sits down with a member of the local community, Pastor Casey Tinnin, to discuss what has been happening with The Landing Spot. You can read all the details on page 16.

Sadly, Midtown Sacramento will soon say goodbye to a 17-year institution, the Kennedy Gallery. Everything is on sale, and they will be closing their doors on June 30.

Chris Narloch brings us Indiana Jones, The Flash and more movie reviews. Check them out on page 43. He also highlights the second season of “And Just Like That,” plus “Collective Rage,” some new queer music, the Golden Girls’ Kitchen in San Francisco, and he even gives a nod to the new season of “Queer Eye” on Netflix. For even more fun things to see and do, don’t miss Matt Burlingame’s indispensable column on page 18.

There is so much more in this issue, but you will need to pick up a thick paper copy or spend some time flipping through our online version or PDF. Just a heads up, you might need more than one cup of coffee to get through it.

We are going to take a very short break but will see you soon with our next issue, which hits on July 13. The theme for that issue will be “Wheels and Tech,” and we are already gearing up with some fun, cool things you won’t want to miss.

See you all then, but for now enjoy our “Timeline of LGBTQ+ History”!