Our Annual Special Homes and Gardens Issue

Apr 10, 2024

Our Annual Special Homes and Gardens Issue, is Out Now!

Each year we bring you one of our favorite issues, our Homes and Gardens issue, and this is it! We looked high and low for interesting things that will help you in your search for just the right thing to make your house just the right home. This is what we found this Spring.

Searching for the right bed ensemble can be a chore. But it doesn’t always have to be, and in this issue, we share an experience with buying a new bed frame to replace an old squeaky, metal frame. You can read about that on page 17.

We have other interesting, home related articles, that include a couple of stories like “Sacramento, Declares Itself a Sanctuary City,” Fiona Ma’s GoGreen initiative, and “Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready for the Summer,” written by Jennifer Kennedy of Perfection Home Systems.

Chris Narloch gives us a view of what is new on HBO as well as some movies you can see that are playing in theaters now. He highlights Broadway Sacramento’s production of the musical “Annie,” and points out that you should not miss the first season of “Wednesday” that is now on Blu-ray and DVD. He also takes a look at two shows that are playing on Apple TV+ the first one being “Palm Royale” with Kristen Wiig. The second is called “Loot” with Maya Rudolph. Both are SNL alumni, and both of them do a wonderful job with their respective shows, proving that they are still wildly entertaining, and very funny.

Before we go we would like to point out that we have started a calendar of upcoming happenings, with a sidebar of Pride events that you might be interested in. You might want to start planning a trip now to go to one or more of those places to attend their pride celebrations. You can find our calendar on page 26.

So, you know what to do, go grab a paper copy from your favorite coffeehouse, or watering hole, or simply click your way to the Outword Magazine website and you can read it for free in either a digital flip format or you can download the PDF to your computer or iPad for off-line reading and perusing.

As always, thanks for picking us up, and we should note that our three pride special issues are coming soon, so if you would like to advertise your business to Sacramento’s LGBTQ+ community, give Fred a call or send him an email. There is time, and there is still space.