Cannons: Dream Disco at its Finest 4-25-24

Apr 24, 2024

Our April 25 Issue is Out Now!

It is always fun to discover great, new music. While there are new bands and artists popping up constantly, not many of them command one’s attention the way Cannons (the band) is able to. While they are not that new on the music scene, their latest album is so totally worth a listen. Because of their soft, dreamy style, they have been described as “dream disco” which actually works. Read about them and their latest, “Heartbeat Highway,” on page 15 of this brand spanking new Outword.

In this issue you will also hear from WEAVE, Big Day of Giving and even the Sunburst Project. And if you are a golf lover, or just want to have a fun day, doing good for the community, be sure to check out page 10 for more information about the Drag Your Balls golf tournament put on by Sunburst.

Chris Allan has put together a short list of Pride events that are happening nearby that you might not have heard of. Check out page 8 for her information and a list of those events. Speaking of pride, Davis Pride will be coming up soon, and boy, do they have a fun-packed schedule planned. Read all about it on page 12, and we look forward to seeing you there on Saturday, June 1.

Chris Narloch highlights two exhibits at the Crocker Art Museum, some “True-ish” tales that are streaming now, and four movies that are worthy of your attention. You can find the movie reviews on page 14.

Matthew Burlingame shines on with his “Out and About” column, on page 17, that includes information about the upcoming Drag Queen Bingo event for the Big Day of Giving. Tickets need to be purchased in advance, but that means a reserved seat and even a super-cool souvenir t-shirt! How awesome is that? Don’t dawdle, they are getting close to being sold out!

We wrap up this issue with some local theater shout-outs, “Activating Taste Buds” Wichita style, and our new, expanded calendar of upcoming events. And, that calendar has a convenient list of local and not so local Pride events so you can start planning accordingly.

Pride season is almost upon us, and we will be bringing a boat load of information, as well as the Official Sac Pride Guide in our second May issue. So, if you want to reach out to the LGBTQ+ community here in Sacramento, be sure to give us a call or drop a line. We are here to help.

As always, thanks for picking us up.