Historic LGBTQ+.

Jun 25, 2024

Our third Pride issue is Out Now. Historic LGBTQ+.

This morning the first item on Facebook was a meme with the old adage, “Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.” While not very uplifting, it certainly should be something we are all thinking about as we go into the upcoming Presidential election. This special issue of Outword allows us to take a look back at some of the things that have happened, what we have accomplished, and should be proud of, as well as the struggles that are facing us (again) in real time. Of course, this issue does not contain every event, every issue, but we hope you will enjoy a look back and the promise of bright future, if we stay alert, and learn from our past.

We tried to pick past issue covers for this issue’s own cover that conveyed some of the things that Outword has been around to report or comment on. As you can see, there are a number of covers with entertainers who helped bring about change represented here, as well as items of activism and pride.

On page four, and many other pages throughout the online version, you will see a header across the top of the page that links to our “living” LGBTQ+ timeline as it is hosted on ISSUU.com. Unfortunately, we were not able to update it with 2024’s happenings, but we will in the future. Until then, if you haven’t seen this display of historic events, we invite you to take a little time and go over all twelve pages. And we would like to, again, thank everyone that has helped make this timeline happen.

We thought it wouldn’t hurt to review what happened on June 27, 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, so we pulled together a brief recollection of one of the events that helped jumpstart so much for our community. You can find that on page 8.

On pages 10 and 12 Matthew Burlingame wrote about two prominent Sacramento residents that helped shape things locally, but are no longer with us. We should all appreciate what Boyce Hinman and Buzz Haugton did for the local LGBTQ+ community, and it’s wonderful to have had Matthew pen two thoughtful profiles.

Wrapping up our Pride season coverage, there are also several other articles that contain important information that pertain to our community. Please take some time to look them over, and maybe pass them along if you know someone that could be helped by that information.

Of course, there are some great entertainment events that are covered in this issue as well. But even with some of them, we tried to keep LGBTQ+ history as the theme. Look for a book review called “Hollywood Pride” and a review of a documentary about the Queer History of Disco.

Chris Narloch writes about two live shows, “The SpongeBob Musical” and “Topdog Underdog” that can be enjoyed on local stages. He also reviews four new movies that look quite interesting, he gives us a preview of what entertainment we can expect at the State Fair this year and touches on a San Francisco Symphony, John Legend collaboration.

Matthew returns within this issue with his “Out & About” column on page 28. Be sure to see what events he recommends. As you well know, there is always more to each issue than what we highlight here. This one is no different.

In closing, thank you for reading this far down the page, and we hope that you will grab a paper copy, or pull this issue up on your tablet, pour a refreshing beverage and delve into some of the great stuff that this issue of Outword has to offer. If you would like to support Outword directly, check out our Rainbow Fund at OutwordRainbowFund.com to offer financial support.

Enjoy what’s left of Pride Month (SF Pride and more). We will see you again on July 11, with our whirled famous Wheels and Tech issue!