Wheels and Tech Annual Special Issue

Jul 10, 2024

Each year at this time we produce this fun nod to cars and technology. Regardless of whether you are LGBTQ+ or not, both of these things play an important part in our everyday lives. So why not take a look? Granted, this year we had a lot of stuff to cover with this first issue of July, but we hope you will find it entertaining.

On the cover is a cute little all-electric SUV made by the Swedish car company, Volvo. You know, the same kind of car that your history teacher used to drive. Only this one is totally a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Be sure to read about it on page 15, and say hello to Ernie as well.

On page 9 there a very important, and interesting essay written by Chris Walker about the truly unbelievable ruling handed down by six of the Supreme Court judges that is poised to change the face of our government from this point forward, and not in a good way.

On page 13, Ron talks about his decision to update his Apple watch, mostly because he found a new one at a great price…

Further in, Chris Narloch writes about ARTHOUSE gallery, a couple of horror flicks in theaters now, Capital Stage’s most recent production and even a Taylor Swift tribute band. Yes, you read that right.

Don’t forget to check out Matthew’s “Out and About” column for fun things to put on your calendar. And speaking of calendar, page 22 has our on-going list of events – that you could be on, just by emailing Julie@outwordmagazine.com.

We still have a couple more days of this Summer Heatwave, but come Sunday, we should be much more comfortable so you wont experience the need a man blues. In the meantime, pick up a printed copy or click your way to one of our digital versions and read all about the “Tree Frog.”