Staying Home Means Staying Safe (and helping to keep others safe)

May 14, 2020

The latest issue of Outword is online now and ready to be either downloaded as a PDF or read on any internet-ready device using our ISSUU portal – be sure to check out page 4 for more information about what that means for you, the reader. Either way, there is a lot of good stuff in the new publication and we hope you take a gander and enjoy.

Just in case you are saying, “Oh yeah, like what?” We would like to point out a few items that can be found. Look for; “…Sacramento Nonprofits Join Together…”, “Look for Rainbows in the Rain,” read how Big Day of Giving 2020 broke records on May 7, “Self Care, Self Love, and Survival…” and “What to Plant, and When to Plant it!” (To name a few)

We’ve got a kosher pizza recipe, some queer books you might find interesting, a funny ghost story, info about Sacramento’s only drive-in movie theater (protective distancing at the theater?) and even a story about the Imperial Court which has gone virtual. All the while you can read your Outword while listening to an amazing Broadway cast recording. Just ask Chris Narloch. You can read about some of his recommendations on page 27.

We hope you enjoy this new issue and it helps you pass some of that time you have at home, now that the yard is clean, the car is clean and polished, the closets have been cleaned out, the garage has been alphabetized and all the pictures on your computer and phone have been organized and categorized.


Just kidding. But do enjoy and stay safe. We want to know you are with us as we start Pride Month, starting with a video Town Hall on May 14, with Mayor Steinberg, Councilmember Steve Hansen, LGBT Center CEO David Heitstuman, our very own Fred Palmer and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! Check out page 10 for more info, the FB Live link as well as a YouTube Outword Channel link for you to link to, to join in.