May 27, 2021

The new issue of Outword Magazine – California Pride, is out now! LOOK FOR US – BACK IN PRINT for this issue and the next two special Pride issues.

We’ve gathered a gaggle of Pride celebrations and events going on around California and present them in this issue so you can mark them on your calendar and make plans! Plans? What are those, am I right?

It all begins with Sonoma County’s Pride events on page 2, then hop over to check out LA Pride’s in person events on page 4.

Santa Monica checks in on page 6 with their “Miles of Pride” event, and it looks like Davis Pride is kicking off their celebration with the repainting of the rainbow crosswalks around Central Park (see page 10 for details).

On page 12, Queen Shannon, a proud black trans woman tells her story on overcoming tobacco use, and on page 14, the Sacramento International Airport offers routes to get you to Pride celebrations going on in Denver, Salt Lake City, and Boise!

Other Pride news continues on page 15, as the Midtown Association and others present a new program called “Pride, Pronouns, and Progress”, and on page 19, there are details on Sacramento Pride events. We’re not yet back to normal, but there are rainbows on the horizon.

And the rainbow flag has long been a symbol of Pride and the LGBTQ+ community. Learn the fascinating history of how the rainbow flag came to be by reading a book authored by its creator Gilbert Baker, reviewed on page 23.

Chris Narloch has some Netflix selections for Pride on page 25, as well as some music picks on page 26. (You’ll do a double take at one of the photos on that page!) And on page 28, Chris features some amazing actresses on the big and small screen.

More Pride events in Cathedral City and San Francisco are featured on pages 29 and 30, and drink in some Pride with Pride Mountain Vineyards on page 31.

Our fabulous cover boy Todrick Hall will be the headlining performance at Sonoma County Pride on June 26. Learn about his tattoos and his ties to Taylor Swift on page 34.

While we celebrate Pride, we are also celebrating the return of playing sports! Learn more about some Sacramento LGBTQ sport groups who play softball, tennis, run, and bowl on page 37.

OK, it’s time to bust out our rainbow flags, douse ourselves in glitter, and celebrate. Happy Pride, folks!