Our Unofficial official Pre-Pride Issue is Out Now!

May 13, 2021

It’s truly amazing how time has passed this past year since COVID changed all of our lives. And we are fast coming up on our second Pride season with COVID looming over our heads. However, this year some hope has started taking over where fear and anguish ruled the year prior. So, this year we are looking forward to those feelings of hope. Knowing that with knowledge, we can fight this enemy, and survive. The staff here at Outword are still gathering information about various Pride celebrations around our state, and country, and will let you know just as soon as we do, what there will be to do and see this year.

Outword will produce three special Pride issues again this year for you to enjoy, and we hope you will make a point to check us out and see what we have in store. The three themes are “California Prides,” “Local Heroes” and “Influential Icons.” Also, now would be a good time to talk to Fred about advertising in one (or more) of those issues, to get your message out and in front of our readers. Tell Fred we sent you, and that he had better take good care of you! Ha. Of Course, He (We) Will!

So, this issue has some fun and interesting Pride information about upcoming events, like Davis Pride, Sonoma Pride and even “Pride in a Box.” There is also an article that was shared by Damond Sladen, thank you, as well as an article about some LGBTQI traveling information from Source Events.

Naturally, it wouldn’t be a complete issue without Entertainment reviews and news. So, we have Queer movies, a Netflix original, some modern-day disco, a little bit of new country music, and that’s not all!

So, be sure to click through to this new issue of Outword and check it all out. You will be glad you did. And – if you are looking to advertise in the three upcoming Outword Pride issues, stop what you are doing and give Fred a call. You’ll be glad you did that too!