K-Pop Cuties Take Over the World

Jan 28, 2021

Wow! Can you believe it’s already almost February? Time flies, but we can stay forever young by diving into a fairly new (to the U.S.) music genre dubbed “K-Pop (Korean pop music)”. The boys from BTS adorn our cover, and Chris Narloch writes about them and a few other acts on page 10.

It feels like everything is still in a holding pattern, doesn’t it? We’re trying to keep our chin up over here at Outword Magazine, and our publisher Fred Palmer gives an update on our status on page 4. We are absolutely overflowing with gratitude for all the people who have supported the Outword Rainbow Fund (updated list of supporters is on page 5), and so very proud to be able to continue to serve our LGBTQ+ community.

Because it is young people in our community that are often left without families, on page 6, you can read about being a resource or adoptive parent through Stanford Sierra Youth & Families, and help a young LBGTQ+ person find acceptance and hope for their future in the world.

Speaking of the future, in this issue we feature a promising young businesswoman named Harper, who is a local Girl Scout, and therefore obviously in the business of selling cookies! Due to COVID-19 safety precautions, girls like Harper are promoting their business online through social media and virtual cookie booths. Learn about Harper, the newest Girl Scout cookie flavor, and how to get your paws on some cookies without even having to leave home!

Another businesswoman (not to mention a public relations icon in the Sacramento area) was Paulette Bruce. She was also a part of Sacramento Magazine’s Dining Divas, a gourmand, and a fabulous cook who began teaching others with her Good Eats Cooking Classes in 1996. Read Kitty O’Neal’s loving tribute to her on page 8.

We think Paulette would have been proud of Fred’s article on page 9. He recounts his caviar sampling (from California Caviar) as well as the wine pairings he enjoyed with his husband on New Year’s Eve. He also covers some terminology used in the industry, and the proper way to serve the delicacy. With your new caviar knowledge, you’ll certainly be ready to entertain when it’s safe again to do so.

And keeping us entertained (for now) is our new addiction to the aforementioned K-Pop, and we’re featuring two new books (one is a photo book of The Rolling Stones, and the other is an art book collection of drawings by Andy Warhol) on page 11. When we’re done reading, we’ll fire up Netflix to watch one of the five movies Chris has reviewed on page 15, but not before we’ve crisped up a snack to enjoy in Ron’s new air fryer (page 18)!

Stay toasty, friends!