Annual Health and Body Issue 2021

Jan 14, 2021

Hey 2021! It’s time to show 2020 your revenge body!

That’s right, it’s our annual Health & Body Issue and we’re jumping right in with the Downtown Sacramento Partnership and their Dine Downtown event (which runs until January 24)… lots of menus to choose from by many of our favorite Farm-to-Fork restaurants, and they’re all keeping it safe and healthy by making this year’s meals to-go only, with touchless order placement, and convenient curbside pick-up! More details for Dine Downtown are on page 2, and their ad is on page 19.

Since this is our annual Health and Body issue, we’ve got a COVID vaccination update from One Community Health (page 4), and an uplifting story about a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) on page 5. We have also included details on Senator Scott Weiner’s bills (one of which directly relates to LGBTQ healthcare) and they are featured on page 7.

Slim down, and shape up, with 21 Health and Fitness Tips for 2021 located on page 8. The tips are a collection of helpful hints that the writer has practiced daily to keep off 30 pounds, for nearly 10 years! They are a good mix of discipline, exercise, a healthy diet, sleep, and self-care.

On page 10, Dr. Eric Grove, DDS gives us Five Reasons to Visit a Dentist. Part of being healthy is having good oral health, so listen to our favorite dentist, call for a future appointment, and make caring for your teeth and gums a top priority!

On a different subject, if you love movies, Chris Narloch has the latest on some new releases! New films with Gal Gadot, Tom Hanks, Carey Mulligan, and Leslie Odom are featured on page 11 and two movies for jazz lovers are reviewed on page 12. Making some healthy snacks and cuddling up on the couch to escape the world for a few hours is always a good idea…

Our wine writer, Diana Kienle, takes us to Napa, California and writes about the impacts of smoke taint on the 2020 vintage (page 13). On page 16 we’ve got some upcoming travel deals you should know about in Mendocino, Carmel, and even Myrtle Beach. That sounds pretty great, huh? However, we have even more stuffed within the pages of this issue of Outword.

And, it’s back to fitness on page 18, with advice on how to take charge of your fitness mindset in the new year. It’s a positive read and if anything, we need more of that in our lives. Vegans rejoice as there’s a new cookbook to add to your shelves authored by LaTocha Scott-Bivens, of the 90’s R&B group Xscape called “LaTocha’s Planted Lifestyle.” It’s a safe bet we’ll be “Just Kickin It” in the kitchen with some plant-based meals, ASAP!

And while the Grammy Awards are postponed, thanks again COVID (page 22), you can get your arts fix in person by checking out the Kennedy Gallery’s “Aux Naturel” Exhibit. Deets are on page 24.

As always, we hope you are all healthy, staying safe and doing your best to keep a positive outlook, especially with everything going on out there. Enjoy!