Our Annual Pet Photo Contest Issue – and More!

Oct 28, 2021

We Do Love Our Pets, Don’t We?

How cute is Bitzy? She is officially the winner of this year’s Pet photo contest! Although we got lots of really wonderful images this year, we just kept coming back to cutesy Bitzy. Thank you to everyone that sent in photos of their lovable babies. Check them out starting on page 16. We should also note, just in case you were wondering, Ernie was not harmed in any way during this whole process. However, he is not happy about not be this year’s cover model..!

So, this new issue is our Annual Pet Issue, and we have pulled some great stuff together that proves just how stupid-in-love we are with our four-legged friends. Furry, and not so furry. (And a couple of fish) Fred, Peter and Miss Betty Palmer wrote about their dog-friendly trip around the Mendocino coast of Northern California and they took some very nice pics as well. You can read all about it starting on page 10.

Our lives don’t always revolve around our pets, well, mine does… Which is why we have stuffed all sorts of other fun things into this issue as well. There are a couple of serious essays about our life and times but there are also articles about interesting books and happenings.

Chris Narloch, naturally, brings his wit to bare and unleashes it on the new movie version Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic, “Dune.” He shares some of that page, giving a commentary about the latest ‘Halloween’ movie, “Halloween Kills.” (Jamie Lee has looked better…)

The fact that there is more to read and enjoy in this issue is just downright scary! Ha. But enjoyable. Please be sure to pick up a real live paper version, or go to the interweb to get either our PDF version or to read our Flip version on ISSUU.

So many things to do and see. And just try to not smile when looking at the pet pics spread. It’s so cute you could just die! Hahahahahahhahaa