Laurie McBride Tribute

Dec 24, 2020

Hey, 2020, there’s the door. Please take your bags with you when you leave.

I don’t know anyone that will say that this year has been a good one. So, having 2020 come to an end makes this a “more-joyous” occasion than the usual year-end passing of the torch. For most of us, 2020 has taught us about pain and loss. But it has also shown us that if we participate, we can be part of change, and help to shape it for the better. I believe that things happen for a reason, but people are not forced to change. We are shown better and different ways that situations could happen, and it is our responsibility to either learn the lesson now, or do this all again, and learn the lessons later. Let’s try for now.

As you can see from the cover, this issue is a tribute, honoring Laurie McBride. If any person ever has earned lofty names about being a leader of a community, Laurie earned them, and more. This tribute was far too important to not pull information and experience from other’s in the community, so we did. And the talented, Bonnie Osborn, helped pull it all into one piece. You can find that culmination of work, but more so the story of Laurie, starting on page 8. Rest in Peace Laurie McBride, from all of us, thank you for everything you did for the community. You will be missed.

We have to admit, that with the majority of the rest of this issue, we tried to lighten the mood and give you some ideas of fun things to do as this crappy year draws to a close. Things like checking out Lady Bunny, Pink Martini, Holiday Drink Recipes, a little Buttigieg and we even managed to pull in George Clooney and Gerard Butler to boot!

It should not go un-noticed that there is an extensive list of some of the eateries in and around the Sacramento area that are still trying (so hard) to stay in business, and serve their customers, regardless of the wildly-changing parameters that are presenting themselves, almost hourly. You can find the list of locations – with contact information, starting on page 26. Who knows, you might even see some places on that list that you have never heard of, or never had the chance to try..? Please be so safe, but also respectful of those working. (When this is all done and gone, Karen can speak to the manager about the tepid avocado toast, but for now, leave her at home – it’ll be ok).

It’s not a contest as to who is wanting more to return to a normal-type of life, after covid, so let’s all try to remember that we are in this ocean of muck together. Maybe if you have room in your lifeboat, lend a hand to someone that doesn’t..? These days, a small, caring gesture can mean so much.

All of us here at Outword would like to wish Everyone all the joy and happiness that is possible to be had. We will see you on the other side of this dark, heavy curtain soon. (We have taken a peek or two and there are some cool things happening there…!) Please stay safe. Get a fun mask to wear. Play safe. Eat safe. And, of course, drink safe(ly). Tahoe Blue vodka can help (see ad and recipes in this issue).

Happy New Year from Outword! We love ya’ll, and look forward to doing everything we can to move us all forward in the months and years ahead!