Hooray for Bollywood!716 rrr cover

Hooray for Bollywood… or in this case Tollywood, since the handsome man on our cover, Ram Charan, is a major star in Telugu cinema. He co-stars with another hunky Indian actor in the action-packed epic “RRR,” which was recently nominated for an Oscar in the U.S. You can read more about that must-see movie (available if you have Netflix) on page 22.

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Farewell Raquel715 cover

Another iconic Hollywood movie star’s life has come to an end. It’s very sad to have to say goodbye to Raquel Welch so we put her on the cover of this new issue of Outword. Chris Narloch writes a goodbye to the “Last of the Sex Symbols.” You can read his words on page 23.

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Always Believe in Love!714 cover

What more can be said about love that hasn’t been said already? Plenty, as it turns out. It brings us together, and sometimes it breaks our hearts. But who would want to not have the experience of the truest of Love? While we remember that with our annual Romance Issue, we also say farewell to someone that was loved by so many. On the cover are Tina Reynolds and Kate Moore on their wedding day, and from that day on their lives were filled with fun, joy and love. Farewell Kate. You will be missed so incredibly much.

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"Beebo Brinker" Author Ann Bannon Exclusive Interview713

Joan Didion wasn’t the only famous literary figure associated with Sacramento. Ann Bannon, one of the most iconic queer writers ever, currently resides in River City and enjoyed a lengthy academic career at CSUS.

That’s the fetching Beebo Brinker, perhaps Ms. Bannon’s most famous recurring character, gracing the cover of our current Issue. Chris Narloch recently caught up with the “Queen of Lesbian Pulp Fiction” for an Outword interview about Ann's impressive life and career. You can see her speak at Sierra College this February — details and her interview are on page 8.

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2022 was another big year for state housing legislation — here’s what the most important new laws will do.

words by Steven Yoder

The numbers on California’s housing crisis keep trending the wrong way.

The percentage of the state’s homebuyers who can afford to buy a median-priced, single-family home slid from 24% in first quarter 2022 to 16% in the second. Homelessness in Sacramento spiked 67%t between 2019 and 2022, a June count found. In an April poll Californians ranked housing affordability and homelessness No. 1 and No. 2 as the state’s most urgent issues.

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